Time and space get warped in the nightmares of those who dream of Eytan

Based on the live contemporary dance show "The Man Who Traveled Nowhere in Time" by Kyra Jean Green's company, Trip The Light Fantastic, this experimental film directed by Vincent René-Lortie and framed by Alexandre Nour explores an emotional and multidimensional trip through a shared nightmare.

The Man Who Travelled Nowhere In Time was screened at the Arsenal Art Gallery following a live performance of the same project.

Premiered on Directors Notes & featured on Booooooom.


Creator et Choreographer Kyra Jean Green

Director Vincent René-Lortie

Production Telescope Films

Cinematographer Alexandre Nour

Production Designer Geneviève Boiteau

Editor Guillaume Marin

Sound Designer Nataq Huault

Music SHXCXCHCXSH & Franz Schubert

Colorist Simon Boisx


"I wanted to showcase and amplify the chaotic universe created by Green and her collaborators. The addition of cinematography, sound, and editing to the choreographic material allowed me to dive deep into an intense exploration of my fears." - Vincent René-Lortie

Prix et distinctions

Winner OYM London 2019

Winner FROSTBITE International Indie Fest

Award of Excellence - Best Shorts Competition

Official Selection Austin Dance Festival 2020

Official Selection LA Dance Film Festival 2020

Official Selection Bestias Danzantes Dance Film Festival 2019

Official Selection up-and-coming Int. Film Festival, 2019

Official Selection Dance on Screen, 2019

Official Selection Dallas Dance Film Festival, 2019

Official Selection Montgomery International Film Festival, 2019

Official Selection Monsters of Film, 2019

Official Selection Fuselage Dance Film Festival, 2019

Official Selection Bucharest International Dance Film Festival, 2019

Official Selection Moving iMages videodance festival 2019

Official Selection dancescreen film festival, 2019

Official Selection Festival Quartiers Danses 2019

Official Selection Choreoscope 2019

Official Selection F-O-R-M 2019

Official Selection Prisma 2019

Official Selection EIVV 2019 (International Meeting on Videodance & Videoperformance)

  1. TTLF STILL 01
  2. TTLF STILL 02
  3. TTLF STILL 03
  4. TTLF STILL 04
  5. TTLF STILL 05
  6. TTLF STILL 07
  7. TTLF STILL 08
  8. TTLF STILL 09
  9. TTLF STILL 11
  10. TTLF STILL 12
  11. TTLF STILL 10