"Take Me To A Nice Place" unveils its first images and announces a licensing deal on HBO Europe.

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Roy Dupuis, Pascale Bussières Starring in Mind-bending Short ‘Take Me To A Nice Place’ 

The teaser trailer has dropped on “Take Me To A Nice Place,” a dystopian Montréal-set movie about a mysterious family in a dying world who destroys the little that remains of humanity in order to create their twisted yet idyllic future. 

“Nous nous souvenons des cris d’agonie de nos frères et nos soeurs du monde passé. Les souffrances que nous subissons aujourd’hui façonnent l’espoir d’une vie possible au prix de la nôtre”, says the talented Ma vie en cinémascope actress, Pascale Bussières, as the teaser trailer shoots us into a myriad of stunning imagery, both violent and serene, as we are left with a strong desire to see the whole thing the second it comes out.

Take Me To A Nice Place is a Montreal-supported movie envisioned by director Kristof Brandl, co-writer Shane Patrick, and producer Samuel Caron, in an international production endeavour made possible by Insurrection Paris, Telescope Films (Montreal), BWGTBLD (Berlin), Agile Films (London), Section80 (Milan), Mathematic Paris, Colossale (Montreal) and L’Éloi Studio (Montreal).

The full 33-minutes long film will be available on HBO Europe as of January 1st, 2021, as well as other territories yet to be announced.

Roy Dupuis, who scored two Genie Awards for best performance by an actor in a leading role for “Maurice Richard” and “Mémoires affectives," plays a hunter who prowls the outskirts of Montréal, killing the last humans he finds. Pascale Bussières, also a Canadian acting icon, plays a scientist who raises a group of ten same age children alone in an underground shelter in Northern Quebec. Over the course of the film, both stories crescendo towards the climax when the true nature of both plots comes to a surprise conclusion. 

Kristof Brandl helms the director’s chair for this short film alongside cinematographer Christophe Collette csc, continuing the duo’s portfolio together which includes “The Kids”, a favourite of Ridley Scott’s at the 28th New Directors’ Showcase at Cannes Lions. A host of Montreal based talent is involved in the picture, including its producer Samuel Caron and screenwriter Shane Patrick. The cast and team that put “Take Me To A Nice Place” together is a mix of upcoming talent, seasoned names, and a handful of companies from all around the world including Berlin, London, Milan, and Paris, who joined together to make this project come to life. It is truly an ultimate collaboration.

Aside from the AI-powered robot voiced by the talented Anana Rydvald, the teaser trailer feels more science-fact than science-fiction as we catch flashes of desolate landscapes, abandoned villages, underground bunkers, and unsanitized laboratories. “The film bears witness to the staggering destruction brought on by human selfishness, and yet it is fundamentally a human story about one family trying to put it all back together”, says screenwriter Shane Patrick.

The strong style director Kristof Brandl took has its emphasis on landscape, texture, atmosphere, and artistic direction that creates an air of absolute haunting beauty from every angle and every moment, giving the film a very grounded sensibility that is subtler and dreamier than typical over-stylized end-of-the-world films.

Though this teaser trailer doesn’t offer much in terms of plotline, the first few images of Roy Dupuis’s performance looks utterly soul-stirring and mesmerizingly cinematic with the hair-raising interlude in the background which adds to our intrigue. 

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